Ayahuasca Ceremony - Oracle, Arizona

AYA is gathering outside of Tucson, Arizona close to Oracle for three nights on Friday, February 14, Saturday, February 15 and Sunday, February 16, 2020. This ceremony will be held indoors at a beautiful, private retreat center. We hope you can join us and share sacred space. 

February 14-17, 2020 - Oracle, Arizona
Please RSVP below and let us know if you're able to make it!

Please note once you've completed registration and we've reviewed your information, you'll be sent the actual address as well as driving directions approximately three (3) days before your Ceremony. You will also receive another email from us about 1-1.5 weeks before ceremony with a packing list and further preparation information. Please don't expect to hear from us unless we need more information from you - no news is good news!  Registration is not considered complete until we have received, and reviewed, your information. 

The main purpose of these ceremonies is to further develop a deeper and more conscious relationship with the divine spirit, and to look for better and healthier ways to live and relate to self, family, and community. Therefore, it’s essential that you bring your own purposeful intent.  We'll gather in small groups of about 15-20 participants for each ceremony. Dates fill quickly. If the date you're interested in fills up, please visit our website at www.aya.guide to see if there are additional Ceremony dates that may work for you.

You may sign up for one night, two nights, or all three nights. (You can now register for multiple nights at once! Simply choose the ticket that reflects the nights you would like to attend. Each person wanting to attend ceremony must complete their own separate registration.) Some people describe how attending two or more nights of ceremonies together has the added benefit of expanding their experience for the second night. So even if you're new to the medicina, feel free to sign up for two or more nights for a given weekend (if available on the schedule). If you are coming from out of town and attending two or more nights, please plan on getting a rental car and hotel to sleep in during the day time so you are properly rested and prepared for the next evening's ceremony.

Your registration donation is non-refundable. Please make sure to read through all the information during the registration process to make sure that the ceremony you have selected is right for you. 

Each participant will be asked to fill out a health form as part of their registration. Major health conditions, may require special attention. Certain drugs, herbs and medications have been found to be incompatible with ayahuasca. We've found Ayahuasca Forums a helpful site to review interaction safety guidelines. Give your system sufficient time to remove any incompatible substances from your body before attending ceremony. 

Each participant will also be asked to fill out a personal questionnaire as part of their registration. Once you've RSVP'd here, you will be taken to the health form to begin the registration process, then redirected to the questionnaire. Registration will not be considered complete until we have received and reviewed your questionnaire. 

If you've been on anti-depressants recently, you'll need to have been off of them for 8 weeks before participating. Anti-hypertensive medications must also be completely out of your system.  If you have a heart condition or chronic high-blood pressure, you cannot participate in ceremony.  But feel free to contact us by phone or email in this regard.  Our contact information is available at www.aya.guide

Preparation for ceremonies: In seeking help, guidance, healing, and learning, establish a clear intention and purpose. It’s important to be in the best possible disposition for the event.  There are some basic dietary restrictions to adhere to at least five days prior to the event.  Once you register, there will be a link for materials on diet and best practices for preparing for the ceremony.  You will also confirm during registration that you've received them and promise to do your best to stick to them. 

Plan on arriving at the site the day of the event between 7 and 8 PM, but no later than 8:30 PM. Driving directions and more details on what to bring will be sent to you when registration closes, approximately three (3) to five (5) days before your ceremony date.

To get started if you'd like to attend, simply provide your information below and click Next. We hope to share sacred space with you.

Blessings and Love,
Everyone at AYA 

Arizona Yagé Assembly